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Cannabidiol is one of the non-psychotropic cannabinoids appearing in Cannabis and its consumption offers many benefits.

It activates the body's endocannabinoid system.

The body’s endocannabinoid system is activated by the consumption of Cannabidiol and functions as a second immune system.

It has analgesic action

Cannabidiol prevents the absorption of anandamides into the human body, which are substances associated with the regulation of pain, and increased levels of anandamides in the bloodstream help to reduce it.

Gives a feeling of relaxation

Although it is not a psychotropic substance, Cannabidiol has an anxiolytic effect and fights stress by promoting physical and mental calmness.

It has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant actions

Although not widely known, Cannabidiol has an antioxidant effect, even greater than vitamin C. Its antioxidant activity is inextricably linked to its anti-inflammatory properties, and it is recommended to fight chronic inflammation.

Helps in a wide range of diseases

Cannabidiol, although not officially considered a drug, helps with diseases such as sleep disorders, acne, nicotine withdrawal, migraines, appetite suppression, and more serious illnesses such as Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s disease. Also in cancer, epilepsy, depression and schizophrenia.

It enhances cognitive functions

Cannabidiol has neuroprotective benefits, despite common perceptions about cannabis consumption. It helps in memory and cognitive function and for this reason is recommended in cases of neurodegenerative disorders.


At Canna Med we give priority to the consumer. That is why we ensure our products’ quality with various methods.

Our produce is grown organically and naturally, without the use of insecticides / pesticides, heavy metals, as certified by laboratory analyzes carried out during all stages of production. At the same time, the packages we choose ensure the optimal preservation of our products.

Our Products

Our products come from 100% organic Greek crops. Their percentage in THC is less than 0.20%, which makes them absolutely in accordance with the Greek and European Legislation. They have a large percentage of Cannabidiol and they consist of industrial hemp flowers and extracts.


John Lemon

We combined the aroma of freshly cut lemon with the earthy taste of Cannabis in a premium package.

Get ready for a refreshing experience when you open the package of John Lemon by the strong aroma of freshly cut lemon. The flowers that were selectively collected for your enjoyment come from organic Greek crops and belong to the Kompolti strain. This strain is seedless and its origin is Hungarian. Its familiar, earthy taste and its high percentage of Cannabidiol are its main characteristics, while its percentage in THC is certified less than 0.2%, which is the limit according to Greek legislation. Try the 10 gram package and enjoy the physical benefits of Cannabidiol in your body.

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  • I really had a problem with my frequent migraines, which caused me either insomnia or fatigue. My pharmacist advised me to try CannaMed CBD Oil and at first I have to admit that I was a little skeptical about whether it could help me. I started taking the oil and noticed that my migraines decreased, until they stopped almost completely, while at the same time I felt that I was better rested in my sleep. I was able to return to my daily routine. I would highly recommend it!

    Katerina M.
  • I had no experience in the Cannabis sector, so at first I did not know if I would be able to integrate CannaMed products into my home market. Nevertheless, I made the decision to at least try it and I’m glad I did. The benefits of Cannabidiol won the consumers of my country, while CannaMed was by my side throughout the process. We have an excellent partnership and very good results!

    George T.
  • I bought a seedless cannabis flower from CannaMed for a long time until I moved to another area of ​​Athens and could not find it in a store near me. I contacted the company itself, which settled the issue and now I can easily find it in my area. I was very happy with their products, now I am even happier with their service!

    Giannis L.
  • Stress and anxiety on a daily basis made it very difficult for me, until my doctor suggested I take some Cannabidiol oil. I took it from another company for a long time, until CannaMed released its own and due to its low cost compared to the rest I thought of trying it. Although cheaper than the other corresponding Cannabidiol oils, the quality seemed much higher, so I continue to take it. I also like that it is made in Greece, so I would not change it with anything else.

    Marina S.

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