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100% Greek Hemp Crops

Canna Med

Our company's headquarters are in Larissa and we have been active since 2017. We produce and process industrial cannabis.

Our products come from 100% Greek hemp crops. Experienced farmers in collaboration with agronomists and agriculturists took care of the crops, giving us their pure production, which was collected by hand for you.

At all stages of cultivation, harvesting and drying, we ensured the quality of our products with frequent laboratory tests, which on the one hand act as a criterion for measuring cannabinoids, on the other hand certify that our products are appropriate for human consumption.


At Canna Med we know that each consumer or patient has their own requirements depending on the intended use of industrial cannabis and cannabidiol.

For this reason, even if we initially had started with just one product, we observed the needs of our consumers, we have evolved and today we are proud to be able to offer you a wide range of products.


Until now we have released 13 products. They consist mainly of beverages of various hemp strains, always approved by the European Catalog, with the percentage of tetrahydrocannabinol certified to be less than 0.20%, and therefore they are in accordance with the Greek and European Legislation.


At every step we prioritize our consumer and we make sure our products are as natural as possible. For this reason, the oils we have to offer come from a full spectrum extraction, maintaining their entire cannabinoid profile. Also, the decarboxylation they have been processed with is not thermal, and as a result the preserved chlorophyll enhances the anti-inflammatory action of our oils.


Our goal is to optimize and to increase the choices our consumers have. Of course, we would not be able to have become the company you trust without your support and acceptance. We hope to continue to satisfy our customers, always in accordance with the Greek and European Legislation.

Depending on the strain, cannabinoids vary. In general, strains with seeds have a lower cannabidiol content than seedless varieties. However, the percentage of tetrahydrocannabinol in our products is always less than 0.20%, as required by the Greek and European Legislation. At the same time, our products are certified to be free of heavy metals, processing residues, but also pesticides / insecticides.

The packages we choose for our products ensure their optimal preservation. All our packages are PET and close airtight ensuring the quality of our products for the best experience of our consumers.