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XXL Cannabis Beverage in Full Hemp Flowers, Rich in CBD

This Canna Med’s product consists of Full Futura 75 Hemp Flowers, with THC within the legal limit, < 0,20%. These hemp flowers were collected by hand and dried naturally. They were then packaged in a 12.5 grams PET zip-lock stand-up pouch bag, something that ensures the product's best and long-term preservation. The preparation of this beverage consists of the boiling of the hemp flowers, without, or with the seeds, preferably crushed, as they are rich in terpenes and oils which help the absorption of Cannabidiol by the human organism and the activation or the endocannabinoid system, which acts beneficially, as a second immune system. Each package contains 100 grams of Futura 75 Full Hemp Flowers, something that makes it the perfect package size for the lovers of this beverage. Additionally, it is ideal as a cooking ingredient and as a ready-to-consume product, resold by the competent industries, as its formability ends where the creativity of the person who prepares it ends, too. The consumer may enjoy it either with or without its seeds, either hot or cold, either plein or with added ingredients of their choice.

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